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Fresh Spread: We Are Electricity (08.01.2013)

Riverfront Times – Mic Boshans Fill in the Blanks (06.21.2013)

Riverfront Times – Album Review: We Are Electricity (06.20.2013)

I Went to a Show – Catching up with Humdrum (02.21.2013)

Riverfront Times – A Pilgrimage to the Church of Steve Albini (02.14.2013)

Riverfront Times – Tributes and Tribulations (09.13.2012)

Riverfront Times – The Best of An Under Cover Weekend at the Firebird (09.11.2012)

KDHX – Concert Review AUCW 6 (09.08.2012)

Riverfront Times – Indie Rock: Meet the RFT Music Award Nominees (HUMDRUM) (05.21.2012)

Eleven Magazine – HUMDRUM to record with Steve Albini (02.07.2012)

Riverfront Times – 40 Best St Louis Releases of 2011: The Arrangement by Humdrum (12.29.2011) – Artist Spotlight: Mic Boshans (12.01.2011)

Riverfront Times – 100 St. Louis Bands, 100 Drink Pairings: A Comprehensive Guide (11.11.2011)

Riverfront Times – Humdrum Hits the Road, Blows a Tire in Brooklyn and Comes Back with Tour Advice (08.09.2011)

Ithaca Times – Encore: Hot Times in Ithaca (07.26.2011)

Riverfront Times – Meet the 2011 Riverfront Times Music Award nominees (HUMDRUM) (06.02.2011)

Riverfront Times – Album Review: The Arrangement (03.03.2011)

Eleven Magazine – Album Review: The Arrangement (02.01.2011)

Something Different Network ( Tongue&Axe Podcast Interview with Paul and Phil (03.01.2010)

MOTH interviews HUMDRUM (02.01.2010)

The Current STL – Album Review: Individual Man (11.10.2009)

babysue/LMNOP – Album Review: Individual Man (11.01.2009)

Eleven Magazine – Album Review: Individual Man (11.01.2009)

Riverfront Times – Album Review: Individual Man (11.04.2009)

Josiah Wolf’s Blog 06.11.2010

Josiah reviews his show with HUMDRUM:

dear friends,last night was a small but great show! just about 2 dozen or so peeps came out and they were awesome. granted a third of those people were the other band and tom… the opening band was humdrum – a local st louis 4 piece and they have a great thing going on. check these guys out before they blow up! paul on vocals, guitar and gong (ya!), dan on bass and vocals, mic “sick ass” drummer and phil aka baby doug mcd on rhodes, guitar and vocals. it was almost too uncanny how much phil reminded us of doug. musically he had doug’s style going on, he even looks like a younger doug, tall tall tall and lanky and a green tee shirt and the same guitar. crazy. they are really great guys (and so are dan and paul’s girlfriends lottie and michelle) and after the show we ate a late night meal at south city diner. for us that may have been a huge tiny mistake. late night eating is no good. but the company was great and we are glad to have to dined with them. earlier before the show we arrived at firebird for sound check and tom had ordered a huge vegan pizza from pi and shared it with us. delicious!!! mmm. they use a vegan cheese called dia that is sooooo yummy. our set was pretty good i would say. the sound there is good thanks gary! after the diner we headed back to our hotel (which we splurged on a bit) – the hilton by the arch. AMAZING. the nicest fanciest hotel room i have stayed in. this morning we met tom at the hotel and walked over to the arch. he wanted to film us playing a few songs for his website. the arch is incredible. i havent seen it since i was a kid and it really is a sight to behold. looking up at the top i felt vertigo as if the arch – not the clouds- was moving across the sky. so tom recorded two songs before his battery died but i think we have plans to film something else when we arrive in bloomington later today. we just ate at a decent vegan friendly restaurant called mokabe’s coffeehouse. i had a veg. reuben that was pretty good but our veggie burger is less than desirable. the coffee was ok but pretty weak. not a favorite and i wouldn’t go there again. but again the company was great (tom) which often makes the meal when the meal doesn’t make the stop bloomington, in!

iTunes Review 05.05.2010

Surly Aardvark reviews Individual Man for Cinco De Mayo:

Humdrum is a cleverly constructed folding of intelligent lyric, off-kilter humor, technical savvy, highly honed talent, musicianship beyond reproach, and that indefinable soul to back it all up. This is their first release and it’s a clear indication that this band is one to keep your eye upon. “Mermaid” alone will tell you that. The songwriting has an eclectic imagination and intriguing mood that each component of instrumentation supports and plays to the delight of the listener. Granted, a couple of the tracks seem a little harder to access and appreciate at first (but so is “Fitter, Happier”).We’ll see even greater things from this band in due time, no doubt, as they mine their talents and show us an ever more refined product. This album is a firm foundation and a stellar ground floor!

— Surly Aardvark

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