2013 Excitement!

Humdrum is starting off 2013 with a bang! We’ve got a ton of news to post over the next couple weeks, and it starts with a reminder about the Tower Groove 7″ subscription:

So, here’s the deal…for the low low price of $60, you get a year’s worth of cool, collectible, and thoroughly enjoyable St Louis music from a bunch of the best bands in this town. Just follow the link below to sign up and you’ll get a brand new split 7″ record every month for the next 12 months! That is 2 songs from 2 different artists imprinted into luxurious vinyl for your audiophile enjoyment.

Humdrum and Accelerando will be teaming up for the NOVEMBER release.

All titles come with a digital download (in case your audio equipment has an apple printed on the back). You won’t find a cooler way to spend $5/month. So, please sign up and join the cool club!


Beck, the new album, Joplin and some Shows!

An Under Cover Weekend 6 is over and we had a ton of fun.  Thanks to Andy Benn, Jerry Green, and Albert Casey for making the Beck tribute performance a magical event.  We love you guys!

Our album is now mastered and ready to roll. We are finalizing the release details and should have more definitive info. soon.  We also have a Joplin date this upcoming weekend and a couple FREE shows lined up for the end of September, check out the TOUR page for details.

Lastly, we have several really exciting new songs in the works.  The end of the year is gonna be hot!



Campfire Club + Tight Pants Syndrome + Interviews

We were very fortunate to share the stage at PlushSTL last night with the St. Louis winners of the “Best Folk Band 2012” (Campfire Club) and “Best Pop Band 2012” (Tight Pants Syndrome).  It was a brilliant show.  Much love to everyone who came out and danced the night away!

We’ve got a few interviews and video shoots lined up this week, so we are staying busy, as usual.  You might also notice that our website is looking a bit fancier nowadays, as we have recently migrated to this new format.  Hope you like it!